Student Blogs

We've found that the experiences students have during Guateca are so unique and individual the best way to describe them is through the students’ own words. Check out these blogs from past years to hear from students about what it’s like living and taking classes in San Pablo. Here you can also find detailed descriptions of their group projects – including challenges, successes, and advice to future students. Enjoy!

Guateca 2012


The students from this past summer spent a great deal more time working on theblogthan in the year past.  By having a schedule of one Cal Poly student and one Guatemalan student writing a blog post, both students were able to practice language skills while communicating the events of the summer to friends and family.   

Guateca 2011


Theblogfrom 2011 was aimed mostly at keeping family and friends updated on what we doing during our summer.  While Internet accessibility was a challenge at some points during the summer, the blog gives a timeline of projects, adventures, and changes made back at home upon our return.

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