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Guateca 2013

Guateca is a two-month field school in San Pablo Tacana, Guatemala co-created by Cal Poly and San Pablo students. The curriculum studies energy, society and the environment through the creation of sustainable technologies and enterprises, and Spanish language. Students may choose to  teach in the local school as an alternative to a technical project.

Why Guateca?
Relative to most other summer study abroad programs offered at Cal Poly, Guateca provides students with a longer exchange at a lesser cost. Our classes also follow a highly interactive learning model that emphasizes cross-cultural teamwork and relationship building. The educational, social, and financial value of Guateca is truly unique opportunity for students.

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Students of all majors are welcome; Guateca also accepts applicants from other universities. Proficiency in Spanish not required. Preference will be given to Juniors, Seniors, and Graduate students, but all applicants will be considered. Please see our FAQ page for more information.

More on the application process coming soon! 



More information coming soon! 


June 17th – June 21st: Orientation at Cal Poly (Required)
June 22nd:
 Depart from LAX for Guatemala City
June 24th: 
Program begins in San Pablo
August 22nd:
 End of program, Departure from Guatemala City to LAX
 (Dates TBA) -
Local day hikes, day trips to local markets of San Marcos and Tacana, others TBA.


The community of San Pablo is our classroom! Daily lecture and group meetings will be held in their public meeting rooms.

Students will be paired to live with a family in San Pablo, daily meals will be provided by the family.


Estimated Program Fee $5,000 - $6,000 (TBA) Note: Financial Aid is available through Cal Poly

Fee includes- 
Orientation, tuition, room and board in San Pablo, project materials, organized excursions, travel insurance, round trip airfare
Fee does not include- 

Passport fees, personal expenses (which should only include souvenirs)*, any other items not listed above 
*most students spent $100 - $200 during their stay in Guatemala 


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