Guateca 2012

2012 was Guateca's second year running. Although we had fewer students than 2011 - only 9 students from Cal Poly and 9 students from San Pablo - the group was a strong, enthusiastic one. Changes to the 2012 program included the addition of a pilot Classroom Management class for education majors, an "inside out" teaching method of the "Energy, Society, and Environment" course, and consolidation students into larger groups working on fewer projects with a common theme. 

Project Themes

We made a conscious decision not to make any decisions about projects beore arriving in San Pablo this year. This strategy served us well, as it opened the opportunity for dialogue with the community and students from San Pablo about their needs, from which we identified a basic desire to be warm. Ultimately all groups (aside from the education students and the internet cafe side project) focused on this problem statement in some fashion. You can check out their projects, thoughts, and challenges on the blog page!


Windows and Doors
Efficient Stove
Hot Water
Internet Cafe


Each year we ask that students write regularly in a public blog so that friends, family, and colleagues have an idea of what we are up to. Take an inside look at what it's like to be a Guateca student on the 2012 Blog

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