Guateca 2011

Guateca 2011 consisted of trial and error, happiness, and community building.  From the moment the Cal Poly Students touched down in Guatemala, the energy was tangible.  San Pablo, our second home as many of the Cal Poly students came to find out, offered many opportunities for everyone involved in Guateca.  Throughout the summer, smaller groups were created and choose tasks to work on.  The projects ranged from rain water collection to organic agriculture to stove water heaters.  Each group, including San Pablenses and Cal Poly students, worked throughout the summer buying materials, creating prototypes, and calculating measurements, all with the hopes of having a finished product at the end of the two months.  The process of working together really pushed the new paradigm of thinking together and creating together, for mutual benefit.  

Project Themes

At the end of the two month, each group was asked to create a webpage, detailing their summer project. Below, are the Wikispaces containing all of the projects from this past summer.  Feel free to take a look at all the wonderful technologies that came out of Guateca 2011.


Rain Water Collection and Sanitation

Organic Agriculture


Stove Water Heater


Guateca was more than two months of project building.  The students and facilitators built community and relationships with the people in Guatemala and Guateca soon become one large group of friends.  This video of Guateca 2011 consists of 3 movies inside of it and was created by Sean Basalyga, a Cal Poly student and member of the Organic Agriculture group in Guateca.  



In addition, Guateca 2011 periodically tracked our summer through a blog.  Here, we reflected on the community we were building with each other, the success and failures of our projects, and our greetings to loved ones and collegues following our journey.  Feel free to check it out, and relive it with us!

Guateca 2011 Blog


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