Energy, Society, and the Environment

The science and technology of current and future energy sources is explored along with associated environmental problems and societal response. Topics include, but are not limited to: energy production, consumption, efficient usage, fossil fuels, nuclear, solar, other renewables, risks, benefits, planning, economics. To learn more about the class, visit thePSC 320page!

Appropriate Technology

Comprised of two classes, the appropriate technology classes provide a broad overview of international development and appropriate design for sustainability. Besides traditional classroom work, students work in teams to address problems with technical solutions. Collaboration with mentors from the university, private sector, and nonprofits serves to provide diverse background and project mentorship.  They address the needs of international impoverished communities with technological solutions, which are inexpensive, ecologically sustainable, and socially appropriate. In addition, there are group studies of target communities, and design and construction of an appropriate technology prototype. To learn more about each class specifically or check out what projects have been created, feel free to visit theAppropriate Technologypage!

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